Südtirol / Alto Adige (aka Kofler-land)

Longing for inspiration (and a great holiday), there is one place, I keep going back to: Südtirol / Alto Adige / South Tyrol. In a nutshell this is the autonomous region of Northern Italy that combines a moderate climate, Italian life style and German efficiency – and as far as I am concerned, it’s all about their wine.

Now I am intrigued to find out as to what makes this place different to others in the world. One of the most significant issues is the autonomy (cash does help to provide infrastructure), commitment to the region and integrity of its people – which admittedly is much easier to achieve with 500,000 inhabitants in Südtirol than let’s say India or China (for those reading Wikipedia, there are another 500,000 in Trentino which is also an autonomous Italian province adjacent to Südtirol). In Südtirol 69% of people are German speakers, 26% Italian and 5% speak a local Roman dialect (similar in nature to the ones in Switzerland). Most of the Italian speakers live in the 2 cities Bozen and Meran, most of the municipalities are German speaking.


Given the climate the region is very fertile and main economy is based on vineyards, fruit, tourism (guilty as charged) and hydro-electric power. – There is a short street in an industrial area in Bozen where on one side you have Salewa, the outdoors equipment brand, and on the other side TechnoAlpin, the snow making business. For an industrial area that’s a good as it gets, wait, Salewa have an outdoor climbing wall and a cafe for the non-climbers, plus a small park – that’s what makes the difference.


The location complements the cultural mix. Sitting on the Southern end of the Alps, the climate is very moderate and sunny – the clouds are stuck on the Northern and Western fringes of the mountains. Perfect for fruit and wine which turns the region into an orchard.

One last one. The name Kofler is omnipresent around Südtirol (… and in some other places I used to work) coming with a great attitude 😉

Wikipedia says: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trentino-Alto_Adige/Südtirol


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