“ich bin raus.”


There is a reason I like brand advertising. Somebody passionate is trying to inspire you to buy their product or life style. Here is the translation for the ad below. I don’t have a single product from them, but I will subscribe their Youtube channel 😉

“To all high potentials and key performers, global players and opinion leaders, all deep divers and innovation drivers, to all indoor steppers and power nappers, all urban gardeners and Facebook farmers, all treadmill runners and protein shake drinkers, all insiders and upgraders, to all of the frequent flyer millionaires; get on with it without me.”

Over the last few weeks I have spent a fair bit of time figuring out how to get back to living in the here and now as compared to the rat race hoping for an enjoyable retirement. Interestingly there are quite a few people I know that are thinking in similar ways, so I am getting good inspiration.

Now, I have always found running on a treadmill (which I call ‘hamsterband’ reminding me of hamsters running in their wheel), looking out a window and being cooled by a fan (sometimes even built into the hamsterband) a weird idea, you might as well go outside. I run along the beach or along parks, whatever you have available will do. Admittedly I am guilty as charged on the account of ‘high potential’, frequent flyer points and I did fall for the ‘Blackberry trap’ (we provide you with a Blackberry, you provide us with your personal time, thank you).

Good news is that I am not brainwashed. Still the (probably less) grumpy controller, analytical thinker and passionate finance guy. I haven’t even changed that much… and ironically I am even more productive.

But for now, I am off to the Great Walks of Kiwiland. – Get on with it without me, “ich bin raus.”


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