Finally it is all happening. Inspired by famous long distance treks like the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail or the European versions such as the Camino the Santiago or the European long distance paths and the relevant films (most of which are awesome), I decided it’s time to go trekking!

After a year in the making, planing, shopping and training, I can say “ich bin raus” some time next week, starting the journey on Munich’s Marienplatz. – In the spirit of full disclosure, I will only be walking down to Südtirol / Alto Adige (aka Kofler-land) and spend a couple of days indulging in food & wine with friends and my parents.

BergReif_Logo_Hintergrund_Webseite1In the meantime you can watch the film from Alex @ Bergreif below. It’s so awesome that Mum continued watching this on New Year’s Day (having discovered you can hook up your TV to WiFi and watch YouTube) even after Traumschiff had started (if your Mum is in her 60ies and German you know this must be good) 🙂

Feature image credit: Alex @ Bergreif, check out his gallery for some awesome shots.


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