skiing – serenity, privilege & gratitude

Time is one of the most precious things for most people these days. Well and I am one of us (people).

I’m trying to “invest” as much time as I can in recovery of body & soul as I can. – Explains the trekking, outdoors & adventures.

Now any trek or event where you have no socio-economic rubbish to worry about will help that cause. Trekking is awesome because you have it (objects, goods, your luxuries), you carry it. The 2nd time you do it, you will find your balance, literally!

There is one other thing that settles me down like nothing else. And I appreciate that it is a privilege because it is (ridiculously) expensive and does take its toll on nature: skiing.

Since I’ve been 3 years old, we’ve been heading to the local midlands in winter to do some weekend or “after work” runs. Dad used to be a skiing instructor ‘in the day’, so it was pleasure and pain…

In 1981 we went on our 1st dedicated skiing holiday (the booming 80ies). And did that until I was old enough and couldn’t be bothered to come along.

Whilst I’d like to say ‘a week of powder’, it was usually around Easter with spring in full spring and “slush” would be a more appropriate description. My point: our skills have been solidified over those years.

But I am veering off subject.

After 10 years of no skiing whatsoever in Australia, I decided to give it another go. And what an epiphany.

There is no more serene place for me than sitting in a chair lift. Here is why:

  • Crisp & fresh air – it’s usually winter
  • Remoteness – almost by definition you’re in the middle of nowhere
  • No worries – you’re only concern is to chose which run / piste down you’re going to take
  • Subtle vibration – seriously, I could just go around in circles

Like no other place chair lifts calm me down. Every single ride is pure bliss, absolute serenity and it’s all downhill from there (I know, that’s the whole point).

Every single ride is a privilege and I am grateful for it!

Enjoy whatever gets you into a state of serenity!!


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