keep it clean

Loving good inspiration, I stumbled over (sometimes social media do add value) Luke Hines’ “Eat Clean” book launch at a local café “Rough + Bare” which was last Friday.

Chia Seed and Pomegranate ParfaitWhilst the café is normally open daytime only – so worth a visit, check their menu – this was a 3 course dinner with some insights and inspiration from Luke & Helen, a signed book in the deal, all washed down with some Kombucha Sangria. How could I resist ;-)

Helen & Luke are an inspiration any day (well in my book), so no surprises there. And I have heard a fair bit about nutrition and the concepts behind it. The difference lies in the perspective.

One of the important things Luke brought up is that a lot of people seem to accept they feel “suboptimal”, not even aiming anymore at feeling and doing well. I’ve been observing that in Australia it is normal, acceptable, if not expected to have cancer once you’re in your fifties.

Here is a deal. Experiment on yourself by cutting out sugar – radically, as much as you can and including starches and hidden sugars (think “high fructose corn syrup”). Find out how much balanced and better you will feel after let’s say a week or two. If you feel better on a sugar hit and the consequential insulin response, don’t listen to me.

screenshot2016-07-19at1-29-49pmBack to Luke and his approach to well being (literally):
Train smart – Do what you love, just keep it moving. Be it walking the dog, climbing a tree (one of my favs… and no, I am not too old for that), play soccer.

Eat clean – Consider anything you understand and can visualise how it came about clean-ish, unless Nestlé or Kraft are involved in the process. Consider a correlation between freshness (anything that perishes quickly) and nutrients. Consider the level of processing of what you put in… a tomato you picked from your own plant will always be the better.

Feel good – This is a mixture of the above (environmental) and your attitude. Self love.

Rocket science involved? Barely, not even roughly (pun absolutely intended), use your common sense! I believe very deeply that we know what is good for us, provided we can look past the manipulation by supermarkets and “food” manufacturers. Looking at the intentions will give you easy guidance.

Keep it clean, do something good for yourself and feel great!


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