Real Food & Climbing Trees

Thr1veDon’t you love surprises, positive surprises. Being an analyst, surprises are rare and good ones even more so.

Last week-end I spent at the Thr1ve Me – Paleo / Primal / Ancestral – Symposium, which my friend Leah recommended. Being naturally skeptical (that German analyst gene), I was conscious of not wanting to be “brainwashed” or whatever else recent media hypes are suggesting.

Real Food

Being always late, my first session was “wicked”, “next level” Dan Churchill. With some of my favourite recipes being from his book “The Healthy Cook” and general trust in the fellow Northern Beaches dude (note to self, our Prime Minister is from Forestville, how flawed is that line of thinking), I feel pretty safe from that brainwashing. His lamb is wicked, next level, epic…

HealthyCook_Email-Sig“Don’t eat it, if it doesn’t taste epic.”

There is nothing that I could possibly add to that. – It turns out the symposium is more about real food that tastes epic and doesn’t have (hidden) sugars, preservatives and additives of processed and mass produced “foods”. This is how I grew up and I am glad to be in a group sharing that with me.

We grew our own fruit and veg, ate them in season or preserved them for winter, i.e. Sauerkraut (I am German after all). As kids we raised rabbits during summer and ate them for Christmas Day lunch, which left my brother and I fighting over whose it was (we seriously believed you could tell by the body shape in the pan). My parents still have a barrel of cider in the cellar – and a proper cellar, for those who have seen it. – I am a strong advocate of real food, because what you put in is what you get out. Plain and simple causality.

Obviously the Paleo approach is about what the body is designed to digest and absorb. Much more though it is about eating real food and a balanced intake (not overload) of carbs (yes, we do need them) and fats (both saturated and unsaturated) helping absorption of nutrients during the digestive process. – The all so healthy muesli bar in front of me is almost 30% sugar. Normally there is no way I would eat 4 table spoons of sugar in one go and you don’t need me (or anybody else) to tell you that this is quite a hit on your body. Again, we need sugar and fats as we need other nutrients, in adequate amounts, not as concentrated and processed though.

Climbing Trees

tengeri-web-banner-770x200-051The mornings start with primal / functional exercise sessions. – I never got why anybody would drive to the gym to run on a “hamsterband” (that is what I call treadmills, they are hamster wheels for humans). Or cyclists that drive by car to go riding, cutting off cyclists on the road to have a feud 10 minutes later with motorists – this has actually happened to me.

CaveFoodsNatural movement is about locomotive (walking, running, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing and swimming), manipulative (lifting, carrying, throwing and catching) as well as combative skills (striking or grappling). And it was pretty cool to have slow motion pretend fights with fellow participants … or getting carried across road by Leah. Darryl Edwards is The Fitness Explorer and his sessions are so much fun. Beard envy or not, I really enjoyed Stuart Gadenne‘s session on natural fitness, the rant on hamsterbands (which might as well have been me) and that is OK to climb a tree – my favourite thing to do as a kid.

The Thr1ve Me Symposium was fantastic. Josh and the team have done an awesome job making all this happen. Admittedly there was a lot of worshipping that always feels awkward to me – the introvert judging people by what they do not who they are. Whilst Mark Sisson is a cool guy and a great inspiration, my friend Leah and her family have made an awesome transition in suburbia, which I can relate to (still no worshipping involved). She sends her 4 year old in the backyard to get eggs from the chickens and fresh spinach and herbs for his Saturday morning breakfast. I envy kids a lot for being allowed to climb trees, being less damaged by society … that 4 year old grows up with real food! – tHRIVE


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