TEDx Sydney 2014

So I’ve been rambling about TEDx Sydney for a while. What’s the story. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design; the x for an independent event to share “Ideas Worth Spreading“!


With a lineup of speakers that are experts in an innovative field and / or have made special experiences that are quite unique there is something for everyone. The event being hosted at the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House and catered by the restaurant from across the road (you know which one I mean) makes for an incredible setting. Surely there are some pretentious people attending who would have really struggled with the scientist speakers, but the audience is mostly a bunch of people ready to absorb ideas and longing for inspiration … trying to do the right thing and get better at figuring out what that is.

IMG_2103A few things I took from the day are:

  • David Kilcullen – About population & urbanisation, especially in coastal cities. Population has doubled in that last 50 years – currently about 93% of world population have access to mobile phones, yet only 63% have access to clean water. This is a new phenomenon. How can the spread of technology be leveraged?
  • Marry Jerram – We all know about the difference between the law and justice and that it’s not always right. There is also confusion about justice and revenge, the former is restoring balance, the latter about retaliation.
  • Tim & Judy Sharp – Just amazing how maternal love and dedication can overcome any obstacle including disability.
  • Nicole Vincent – The presentation about cognitive enhancement was rather scary. Apparently it’s already common practice in “academic doping” to use cognitive enhancing drugs… and dare they make it into the medical profession.
  • Richard Banati – Has been presenting on plastic waste… which makes up to 10% of the weight of sea birds and plastic particles can contaminate the ocean floor and beach 2m deep. 3D printing is the biggest threat to increasing plastic wastage.
  • Clio Crosswell – Mathematics = pure pattern recognition. That one I did find quite interesting… and Clio has been applying this to fields you wouldn’t think about … in her book “Mathematics and Sex” – about the behavioural patterns in relationships between partners.

The food for 2014 is mainly sourced through community projects such as The Bread & Butter Project.

The video hasn’t yet been release on Youtube yet, should be coming shortly. Here is one of the “Tasty Video Bits”.


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