live in the moment

Over the last few days and weeks, I have been trying to observe where, when and how people are their “happiest”.

And thinking about this I remembered that line from Ally McBeal (for those of us who are that old), where a judge says he works part time in a coffee shop to stay sane. You give people their favourite cup of coffee and they are happy. Plain and simple! It’s the simple and pure things in life that make us happy.

I think there is a lot to that.

The happiest time in my life was as a civil servant in a Kindergarten for disabled kids. Fristly disabled people generally keep things pretty real. Depending on the handicap, they have essential issues to deal with. And then kids, they are unspoilt – they don’t know the rules of Japanese politeness or the hierarchy of the Catholic Church (the 2 worst offenders in my book). Kids keep it simple, they live in the moment.

Having discovered that keeping it simple (and the beauty of mountains) makes me happy, I went on a 3-day-trek over the Easter holidays. The mountains were stunning and life pretty simple – you walk, organise food and a safe place to stay and these are your goals for the day. I remember sitting at the highest point of the hike, Harris Saddle, and thinking to myself – I am here among all this pure, stunning nature at the end of the world, how cool is that!

A cardinal mistake a lot of us make is dwelling on the past. We can’t change it anyway, as long as we learn the lesson and don’t make the mistake again, moving on is the thing to do. Worrying about the future makes more sense, then again there will be so many elements outside our control … and it’s going to turn out different than we plan anyway.

Sitting at Harris Saddle was one of those moments where it has been obvious that the moment counts. Enjoying the moment appreciating what you have, and the more simple things are, the easier they are to appreciate.

Live and enjoy the moment!


3 thoughts on “live in the moment

  1. Wow, pretty deep thoughts of yours. But well said. I agree. It is about time for me to start cycling again after this long Canadian winter to “live and enjoy the moment” again.

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