great walks – routeburn track

Ever since going to Queenstown in New Zealand for Christmas 2011, I a) realised that I miss the mountains (heaps) and b) got back into hiking, trekking and the great outdoors. Given I grew up in the midlands, lived for 6 years on the border of the European Alps and took every opportunity to visit the Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains in North America, that is not so much of a surprise. – I honestly think I need mountains or the ocean to keep me sane … something real.

My sister, of all people, is coming down-under and is planning a side trip to New Zealand. One of the top things on her list is to visit the Abel Tasman National Park and doing its the coastal track. My sis rather being the rotten-spoilt kinda girl, not the outdoorsy type, there had to be something to it. – Google to the rescue!

The Department of Conservation in New Zealand is maintaining 9 so called “Great Walks” which are well maintained tracks that will provide a couple of days trekking. Dotted along at well planned intervals are DOC huts and campsites catering for the overnight stays. You can book the huts online or through the DOC visitor centres.

When my sis and brother-in-law are coming we won’t have much time, our great walking will be limited to only part of the Abel Tasman Coastal Track. We’ll then take the ferry back as the services around these tracks are really well organised.

This is not enough for me though, I am a mountain boy, I got coast, ocean and golden beaches where I live. So I am aiming to do one of the most spectacular great walks over a looong week-end. – The Routeburn Track.


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