triathlon – I’m back


20 October 2012 – Finally, I made it to a triathlon. A few years (!) in the making.

The final of the World Triathlon Series made it to Auckland. It was out of the question that I wanted to be part of the event. Said and done. Whilst preparing for my next exam, I put in a fair bit of swim training (in winter), cycling and endless running (along the beach, could be worse). Got the bike serviced, packed up (in no time, like the good old days). Took the Friday off work, got up at 02:30am to make my way to Auckland.

The atmosphere was amazing. The whole city buzzing with triathletes which is a very Kiwi thing anyway – going by the Olympic medals of Hamish Carter and Bevan Docherty. Bevan was the one person inspiring me that anybody can do a triathlon in the first place!

It was a great event and, swimming aside, I am happy with the result. Now I need to go for more…

AKL Triathlon Results

AKL 3:5:3 Solo Tri


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